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A warm welcome all my new readers to my Newsletter.

IN MEMORY OF SOLOMON: January 27th 2003 to November 4th 2017

How did my handsome boy come into my life? Going back quickly to my arrival in Alberta in 1998 I had three cats with me. Sammy, Lucas and Princess. Coming from a city that embraced animals I was shocked to find out how few places allowed pets, let alone how many people regarded them as nuisances if they wandered. Unfortunately on July 7th 2002 Sammy was hit by a motorcycle outside our home and the driver never even stopped. He was injured badly and I chose to release him to the other side. One year passed by and Lucas was trapped by some person within my neighborhood. By this time I was already looking to move. I decided to check the pound website as in 2003 they posted in whatever area the cats were found. My thoughts were to find what part of the city had either no trapping posted or a very low amount.  I found none, BUT to my great delight there on the pound website was a 5 month old kitten who was the twin of Sammy. I quickly called about him and was informed by the pound that he was a pure bred so he would be kept for 10 days and as long as he was healthy he would then transported to the SPCA for adoption. He had been found wandering along 118th avenue. Every day I opened up the website and every day he was still there. Confirming with the pound the day before he was to be transported, I was at the SPCA waiting for the noon opening.  I adopted him and here is the neatest thing. What day did I bring him home? July 7th 2003 EXACTLY one day to Sammy’s passing. Not only this, once he was in the van he sat in Sammy’s favorite place and lo and behold when he finally decided to speak his meow was EXACTLY the same as Sammy’s. To this day I have always thought he was a reincarnation of Sammy thus I named him Solomon.

In August 2003 we had the great fortune of having an acreage land in our laps. YES!! The cats were now safe. For 10 years we lived in the country where Solomon ran free with Lucas, Princess and the wild cat we adopted that I named George.

Solomon was the sweetest cat you could ever know UNLESS he had to go to the vet. His memory was incredible. As soon as we drove into the parking lot of the vet he growled and hissed like a lion. Vets were afraid of him. So many funny stories of him that I recall with a smile, but the one that comes to mind is the time he had an abyss and had to be hospitalised overnight. When I went to get him the vet tech comes out and says “could you come and get him from his cage he will not allow us to touch him”. “Gladly” I said and trotted into the back where Solomon looked up at me and smiled and gently walked into my arms looking all innocent.

He trusted me like no other cat had. Unfortunately he liked to eat. If someone had sat me down and explained how much trouble it is to have a diabetic cat I most likely would have taken his eating like a dog more seriously. But too late. In 2011 I left to go to Whistler to take a course with Deepak Chopra’s ‘Seduction of Spirit”. I was to be gone 10 days and a neighbor was coming in every day to change the litter boxes and feed the cats.  I came home and Solomon was nowhere to be found. I called my neighbor and she said “I saw him this morning and he was fine”.  Calling and calling him he finally made an appearance from the woods and literally hissed at me and stomped into the house. I realised he had been so worried about me and ran to pick him up. He had lost half his body weight. I took him to the vet who informed me after blood tests that he was diabetic.  I swear to this day the little bugger did this on purpose so that I could never leave him alone again.

And I never did. My back to back shows literally started in 2011 and along came Solomon. He LOVED travelling. I was lucky there. Where I was not so lucky were the hotels we had to stay at as many did not allow cats. I endured them for my love of Solomon. As I stated above no vet or caretaker could come near him. Me though? I could insert a needle twice day into his ear and read his blood levels. He sat quietly each time and then allowed me to give him insulin twice a day.

He was there at the hotel every night while we travelled for shows. He cuddled up with me and purred each night. While driving he would sit on the passenger seat and purr contentedly.  I never saw him as an inconvenience, just a joy to have. When we would arrive home he would recognise the street as I turned off the highway and get all excited and ready to jump out of the van and then ran into the house where he would greet his sisters and brother.

He loved the backyard and often just lay out there in the summer. As he aged he did not change. He just chilled and spent time with me. In March 2017 I noticed his breathing was off. I took him to the vet and after x-rays were taken I was told he had fluid in his lungs caused by a weak heart. Not again I thought as Lucas had passed this way. She gave him two months to live a possible six but highly unlikely.

I was selfish with our time. I put him on medications to prolong the heart break. He was at the vet at least once a month and in the later months twice a week. He did not want to pass and even the vet said “you can tell he does not want to leave”. Twice I had fluid extracted from his lungs. I refused to travel to shows and spent my days with him. I have no regrets. It appeared he was getting better but that was not to be so. I had wanted to have him euthanized at home like Princess was. I had that planned. Like I said I was selfish with my time with him. He was not in pain as the vet said just not able to breathe as well as he should. She had told me that his heart would give out and there was a possibility of an attack that would paralyze the back legs and at that point nothing could be done. She also informed me if that happened he would be in great pain.

It happened at 9am on a Saturday. I awoke to his deep cries that were unusual in sound. I bounded out of bed and he was lying at the bottom of the stairs with his back legs unable to move. I called my vet and no one would be in for a while. I gave him pain killers quickly and headed to emergency after a quick call to them. He cried periodically as we drove. So did I. Tears ran down my face as I realised that I would not be able to allow him to pass at home.  I cried for our last moments together. It was horrible at the emergency. They would not let me stay with him and even though I said “please, it’s our last moments together, he must be afraid” they would not allow me to go to the back.  I felt horrible. They made me pay upfront before I could see him. The emergency vet came and told me about his condition, “I know this” I said “let me be with him now”, and finally they brought me to a room in the back and went and got Solomon.  He lay limp and the vet set up the drugs. As I was going to say goodbye his mouth started frothing with white stuff. I asked “why”? She said they had given him a strong sedative as he was in major pain. I did not want to prolong his agony and told her to quickly administer the drugs. She did as I said and pushed the plunger quickly. His head dropped and I knew he passed. I held him closely and cried. 20 minutes passed and I took him home and laid him upon the purple couch and brought China and Venus down to say goodbye.

I had cancelled my afternoon read and now sat on line looking at cremation places. I had used one in the past but the last time I used them for Princess I had not been happy with the service. I called Faithful Friends. Well thank you Angels for guiding me there. Brent answered the phone and in between my sobs that I tried to keep at bay I asked him to pick up Solomon. By the time he would get here I would have my choice of urn decided. He was there with a body bag, sympathy and understanding. I gave him the words I wanted written on top of the cherry wood urn and explained that I wanted the one that would allow me to put a photo on the side. Solomon came home a week later in the nicest urn ever. He was given a death certificate plus a cremation certificate in an extremely professional way. I was given a folder with seeds to plant in his name and a beautiful sympathy card.  When I need to use a cremation place again it will only be Faithful Friends I call. What great unbelievable service I received.

As I wrap up here to move to Chat I just have to say it feels like Solomon is still here. I feel his warmth and every night while watching TV I hear a cat nibbling on the kibble. I turn and look to expect China or Venus to be there eating but no one is. Either it is Solomon checking in, or he is still here. I dreamt about him the same night he passed. His face came to me and was within an inch of mine. Then he ran up a hill and back to me but while he was running back a male hand picked him up and took him. I yelled ‘hey’ and then woke up. I believe with all my heart I will see Solomon again along with George, Lucas and Princess.  May Sammy, Kali and Chocolate be remembered here too.   

CHAT: As I left off last month a wee bit before October ended I’ll just start there. October 31st as I mentioned last month my winter tires were installed and an oil change done. Just in time too as my ghost writer for my book came over two days in a row, but on November 1st she needed a lift home and mama mia what a wicked storm came in. I did however get her home safely and brought myself back home without incident.  Talking about my book, much of it is done and I am VERY impressed with the girl who is writing it. I believe we will be on time for print. At this time I am thinking about taking pre-orders and before the end of the year will add that to my web store so do keep tuned for January’s newsletter for that announcement.  

Onwards we go to Telus arriving to update my internet to the highest speed possible. I am planning, in the New Year, to buy a new computer because as we all know after two years tech changes so much that you need another computer to keep the high speed going. 

As you read above, the next few days were sad for me. Happy that Solomon was out of any type of suffering and really happy that I was home in his last moments and were able to make his suffering as brief as possible for him.

Readings continued and I truly felt blessed that exactly what I need to cover the material world arrived this month. I then headed into my first show of the month. Farm Fair. WOW!! What a terrible show. This would be my 5th year and my last. Let me just say, the Universe allowed me to cover my booth and that’s about it. What a waste of 5 days and having to get up every day at 7.45am. As I have said before ‘thank you Angels for showing me what shows to give up and what to keep’.

Readings resumed after Farm Fair. However, during my resting time I had noticed my fireplace kept going off. Now the fire is my favorite time of the evening. I turn on my TV, hit he buttons for my fire, lay my legs on my sectional couch in my comfy house coat with a hot chai tea and just enjoy till I feel the need to go upstairs to sleep. Thus I called the fireplace cleaning guys. What service I got. Guy arrived exactly as he said he would, cleaned out the fireplace, re-painted the back, re-set the imitation wood logs and then discovered my switch needed changing.  I had no idea that gas fireplaces should be cleaned inside every two years along with your furnace. I knew about the furnace but not the inside of the fireplace. If you own one, do get it cleaned.

Next I left for Lloydminster all by myself. It felt so strange traveling without Solomon. Even stranger when I headed back to my room and no little body to curl up and purr all night with me.  But it did make travelling easier. I also noticed that at the time the show ended and I still had a line up I stayed and completed the clients as opposed to saying “I have to go, my cat is waiting for me all alone”.  Still I missed him so much. The show was awesome and Lloydminster will see me in 2018 at the Xmas show.

Came home safely to my two existing cats Venus and China. They love having me home and China in particular really worries when I am away. But they settle down quickly and life returns to the easy going days. Had a couple of reads, one phone read and today [23rd Nov.] I am heading out to Camrose to set up my 3rd show of the month. Festival of Trees. Really loving the fact that these show producers gave me exclusivity as a psychic recognising that shows are down a wee bit but also not ‘just selling booths’ as some do.  Due to Fort Mac changing their dates I was able to book into his one.  I had done it about 3 years ago when once again dates did not conflict. I truly wish show producers would look at their dates against other shows as it is not possible to do some I would love to do.  However, having been a vendor for 9-10 years now consistently at shows, I can tell you that there is a huge drop with the public spending. Therefore a lot of vendors are re-looking at shows.  I am happy to say that I jumped on the band wagon at the correct time and am slowing down at the correct time. Thank You Angels.

November 27th: Done with Camrose and I have nothing negative to say about the show producers. Show was set up, booths were ready, unloading was easy, producer was a very pleasant person BUT public?? First, thank you to those who did read with me but not enough did. A far better show than Farm Fair however but still not enough to embrace another show in Camrose.  The economy is really truly keeping people from spending on non-essentials. I cannot blame them, however it then is a trickle down. I too start to only spend on essentials. Luckily for me I am able to make changes in my life so along with my pension next year and my book being released I am sure that the shows I give up will be compensated by the new areas of finance coming into my life. Life is about change and when you fear change that is when stress comes in. One is not supposed to do the same things day in and day out.

Great news, I have received the part I need for my Nuga Best bed. It arrived today [29th] without warning in the mail. I will update this story next month but know for now I am so very happy.

I have to wrap up Chat early, today being the 27th. I have four reads booked here at home today; funnily enough all four people could only come on Monday! One phone read tomorrow and then a rest till I leave for Fort Mac on Thursday FOR MY LAST SHOW of 2017. YES!!! I have my winter money put aside so thank you Angels for that. My ghost writer is here every day from the 5th of December to the 14th and we will be finishing the book. Then onto the editing and all that needs to be done to publish the book.  I am VERY excited, but also hesitant as this is NON fiction. A book about my life and all that I have gone through to get to the awareness of totality that I have today. I am sure I have more to learn, however if you choose to read the book you will see I have made massive leaps and bounds in this area compared to the past. :) Stay tuned for updates and pre-ordering if you desire to do so.

Create harmony inside of yourself and your aura will take on that energy.  Aura’s tend to attract the same energy. Negative to negative, positive to positive. Stay balanced and you will attract balance. How do you balance? First meditate, then ask yourself “what makes me happy”? The answer will come quickly so follow the path to that place and find the happiness you desire.

CAT COSTS:  As I predicted last month Solomon is not here in physical form this month.  Let’s cover his costs first. His last visit to the vet was on November 2nd 2017 where he had x-rays done on his heart. She was willing to do another removal of fluid on his lungs but it appeared there was not a lot. I also picked up his favorite treat Greenies. Total for this was $116.56. I also restocked his medication Vetmedin at the cost of $39.56. This was a new heart medication.  As you read above he was rushed to emergency on November 4th and euthanized.  Cost: 259.35 Lastly as I always do for my beloved pets I give them a wonderful remembrance and cremate them. I plan to have all their ashes added to mine when I leave this world. Cost of the cremation was $225 and the urn was $160 with Faithful Friends. Cost of his funeral total was $404.25.

Tinned food came to $40.17. Kitty litter came to $47.21.  Treats for them all came to $8.37. China’s dry fish that she loves came to $171.50 as I bought her two large boxes that will last the winter. Plus I got a 10% saving on this.  Total cost for the month was $1086.97. WOW!! Another record high month but hopefully over the winter with only two cats the cost will be a lot lower. I do thank the Angels for always giving me the finances to cover all my loving beings costs when necessary so they do not suffer.

If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with personality to adult stage. Animals feel with unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a companion for life. They also need dental care, checkups and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.

Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from the homes they knew.

 My Coincidence this Month: Doing back to back shows this moth I wondered if I would get a coincidence at all, however I did. At two shows I was placed next to the same vendor. The memory pillow lady who works for Ocean Sales. On the second show she placed the demo bed on my side. I watched during the slow times as she pumped up the memory foam pillow and demonstrated to the client how it stayed firm or if you punched it down it would be a lower flat pillow. Now I had bought pillows of the same sort from another vendor a couple of years ago. She also left me one as a gift while renting out a room at my home during a show. She had never told me about pumping it up. I mentioned this to Brenda, the lady who ran the booth next to me. I told her mine were from another company and I would have loved to have known this technique and also compared my pillow to theirs. She offered to sell me a demo :).  I jumped at that and bought it BUT!! upon arriving home that night I puffed up my pillows and lo and behold they stay high and firm giving the neck a nice stretch and keeping you comfortable if you choose to sleep that way. Love people who truly explain their products.


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To a man whose mind is free there is something even more intolerable in the sufferings of animals than in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it is at least admitted that suffering is evil and that the man who causes it is a criminal. But thousands of animals are uselessly butchered every day without a shadow of remorse. If any man were to refer to it, he would be thought ridiculous. And that is the unpardonable crime.- Romain Rolland, Nobe

VcToria’s Comment: From a tee shirt a person was wearing at The Edmonton Fringe 2017: YOU CANNOT LOVE ANIMALS IF YOU WALK AROUND any other way WITH A BELLY FULL OF THEM.

Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entert ainment, or abuse in any other way.

Rabbits are frequent victims of animal experimenters because they are mild-tempered and easy to handle, confine, and breed—more than 170,000 of them are abused in U.S. laboratories every year.

Despite the availability of more modern, humane, and effective alternatives, rabbits are still tormented in the notorious Draize eye irritancy test, in which cosmetics, dishwashing liquid, drain cleaner, and other substances are dripped into the animals’ eyes, often causing redness, swelling, discharge, ulceration, hemorrhaging, cloudiness, or blindness. The rabbits are killed after the experiment is over. And even though internationally accepted non-animal methods exist, in skin corrosion tests, rabbits’ backs are shaved and corrosive chemicals are applied to their raw skin and left there for up to two weeks. These chemicals often burn the skin, leading to tissue damage. Rabbits are also given no pain relief during this excruciatingly painful test, and after the test is finished, they are killed.

At Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc., a product testing laboratory in North Carolina, workers attached thousands of ticks onto rabbits’ shaved bodies to allow the ticks to gorge for five days. Rabbits were subjected to this painful procedure twice and were then killed, even though non-animal methods for raising ticks have been available since the mid-’90s.

In addition to being subjected to these cruel chemical tests, rabbits are used in experiments to study cardiovascular disease, skin conditions, and spinal cord injuries. Experimenters at the University of Utah cut deep incisions into rabbits’ backs and surgically inserted implants into their spines. The surgically mutilated rabbits were observed for 24 weeks and then killed.

You can help stop this. Take a stand against animal testing. Sign PETA’s pledge to be cruelty-free, and only support companies and charities that do not fund or conduct cruel experiments on animals.



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