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Astrology Chart


For this chart to be done I need the proper date of birth, the location and most importantly the time. If you do not know your time of birth I will not take your money. Without the time of birth you cannot do the rising sign with accuracy and the rising sign has a tremendous amount of influence in the chart.

If you can supply me, VcToria with all the information needed I will then set up the Astrology chart.

A] I will look at the birth chart and determine what you are capable of doing. 

B] I will look at your Past Life via the North Nodes and see what lessons you are here to attain.

C] I will look at the transits [where your planets sit now] and tell you what energy is being activated and what you should be proceeding with.

D] If you have a significant other and can supply the location, date and time I will see where you activate each others passions based upon the Sun and Moon locations.

E] Any questions you have to ask will be answered.

This read can be done on the phone while I speak with you or via e-mail with a MP3 recording sent to you.

This read may be done for any member of your family or friends as a gift or a read. If it is a gift please send me the e-mail address you would like it sent to. 

Please note this is an Astrology chart and time is extremely important to know.

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