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Donations to my Late Fathers Work or my Website Information


Donations are always welcome to keep the website going and in remembrance of my late Father.  His books helped many people through the years and based upon the popularity of his books, they remain doing just that. Because they are out of print there are no royalties being paid, yet people are still buying them.I have been asked if a donation can be made to me. Therefore there may be others thinking this way.

Please feel free to donate and know that many blessings will be sent your way should you wish to receive them.

I was planning on re-printing his books but time has escaped me. I am now planning on taking out a lot of the pages where he wrote about others and their experiences. Just leaving the knowledge in. This will take me time as I have to type it all out and go to print. Expect the books to be out in 2017.

I have started the donations at $5. If you wish to donate more please just order as many $5 donations in one order.

If you do not wish to use Paypal you may use an e-transfer.  [email protected]

If you do not have a Paypal account just go into Paypal and hit the link that says 'I do not have a Paypal account'

Positive Thoughts to you always.

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