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Completed Pyramid for Secrets From Beyond the Pyramid by Geof Gray-Cobb.


This is NOT the book.  Link to Book> 

https/ webstore/products/show/8034052

Within the book you have instructions to build the pyramid. I have done this for you. This pyramid will be mailed to you along with a crystal.

The pyramid is made from a strong cardboard with beautiful colors. On each side, as the photos show, are the necessary symbols to work each request that is shown in the actual book. Before you fold over the sides you add the crystal to the center. This guarantees that at all times the energy is circulating in and around.

These pyramids and crystals are charged under a Pisces Moon energy by VcToria. Geof Gray-Cobb's daughter. She channels him in once a month from the astral plane. She then asks that all of his work, that has remained in the material world, be activated for those who continue to support it.

This pyramid works. It has worked for many, and will continue to work for all who order.

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