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What planets are still retrograde? Only Neptune. Down to one major planet and Neptune will turn direct on January 11th 2020. We should all feel some sort of balance finally, till June 2020. I will keep you updated on all planetary changed of course every month.

NOTE: All times are Mountain Standard

December 2nd:  V/C 5.27 am to December 3rd 12.11 am when the Moon enters Pisces

For all of you who join me on the group meditation once a month under a Pisces Moon I will announce the time that I am doing it on my Fathers Face Book page plus my own The Alternative Universe. Please feel free to also follow me on Face Book. I will be starting to announce Full and New Moons and other interesting talks in December.

If you are meditating alone you have from December 3rd at 12.11 am to December 5th  at 1.15 am to meditate. For me, the Pisces Moon is the strongest time to meditate

December 5th: V/C 1.15 am to 12.44 pm when the Moon enters Aries

December 7th: V/C 8.01 am  to December 8th 12.29 am when the Moon enters Taurus. 

December 9th: V/C 6.12 pm to  December 10th 9.47 am when the Moon enters Gemini. 

FULL MOON in Gemini: Anyone doing magic work, positive light work this is the top of the energy time so to speak. December 11th at 10.12 pm. Prepare and enjoy. Ask and receive. Gemini is the energy of 'communication'. Set up any meetings where agreements need to be talked about. Are you needing to do anything where discussion is the subject? Now is the time and fulfill this by the Full Moon. Moon cycle energies allow for times to be started and completed. 

December 11th: V/C to  December 12th 4.23 pm when the Moon enters Cancer. 

December 14th: V/C 8.57 am  to 8.56 pm when the Moon enters Leo. 

December 16th: V/C 3.10 pm to December 17th 12.16 am when the Moon enters Virgo.

December 19th: V/C 1.07 am to 3.04 am when the Moon enters Libra. [Watch for strong dreams]

December 21st: V/C 4.45 am  to 5.57 am  when the Moon enters Scorpio [Again, watch for strong dreams] 

December 22nd: V/C 8.27 pm to December 23rd 9.34 am  when the Moon enters Sagittarius

December 25th: V/C 4.18 am to 2.45 pm  when the Moon enters Capricorn.

SOLAR ECLIPSE: New Moon in Capricorn at 10.13 pm. Time again to set a new project. Under the energy of Capricorn choose money related areas. First, because of the Moon placement set a goal for either paying down a debt, or starting to save for something you wish to purchase. Make this feasible so that it can be completed by the Full Moon that will take place on January 10th 2020. Lastly any spell/magic/ritual that calls for a New Moon energy create a long term goal in the financial area. 

December 27th:  V/C 2.06 pm to 10.21 pm  when the Moon enters Aquarius

December 30th: V/C 3.24 am to 8.41 am when the Moon enter Pisces.

VIP: Can you call me excited about this placement? YES YOU CAN!! Not only do we get TWO group meditations under Pisces this month, BUT the New Year is set to unfold in the Moon sign of Pisces. My group meditation will be held on New Years EVE December 31st starting at 11.45 pm bringing us into 2020 and ending at 12.15 am January 1st 2020 OR how ever long you wish to stay within meditation.