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                                THE ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE FEBUARY 2018 NEWSLETTER

                       ISSUE 196 



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A warm welcome to all my new readers that have subscribed to my Newsletter.

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FINALLY!! On January 9th 2018 my book left for the self-publisher. I now wait for the editing to be done and sent back to me. Please note that postage is EXTREMELY high, I was actually shocked when I went to the post office to weigh out a book of similar weight. There went my plan of selling it directly from my website. I have included gifts with the book to make up for the price. I have included GST and any taxes plus it will be free shipping. If you wish to wait for Amazon [.ca and .com] by all means do but there are no gifts, autographs or channelled answers for you this way. You decide.

VIP: My neighbor lost his job. He has 35 years of experience in building houses. He is the guy we all call to either change a light bulb [well I do LOL] or build kitchen cabinets or remove fireplaces. Basically he can do it all. If you need a handy man for any type of fix he’s honest, personable and likes to work. Please call him at 780-918-2080. His name is Richard and just mention that you got his name from my newsletter

Since my ghost writer was here every day it feels good to have my house back to myself.  It’s funny, for those of you who live alone you will understand how it feels to have company every day. It really disturbs your schedule of things that you like to do. If you live with people you will not understand this.  Anyway, as soon as my home was back to me, I started on my planned winter ‘chores’. I started with the basement and cleared out my office. Took my carpet cleaner and deep cleaned the carpet. Next was my gym doing this in stages of course.  Once the basement area was done I moved up to the next floor and completed my reading room in two days. Being that it is my Personal Year Nine, the year of clearing clutter and making way for my next nine year cycle I am being VERY thorough. I gave up coffee this month and am not missing it at all. I have a list of what to let go of. I follow my Numerology very closely as it works and brings life to you so you do not have to look for your life.

My first show is in March so I have till then to complete a lot of it.

Talking about shows: They used to start in February, then the February shows moved to March. The March shows slowly moved to April. Now all of the shows are overlapping in April. For show promotors; you are forcing us to choose between shows.  Normally we would have done all of the shows had they stayed in the months that they first were started in. Now that is not possible. I have heard from many vendors, plus show promotors that shows are getting hard to do. This is why. Please consider moving some back to March.  Even February would be nice.

I chose not to go to Kelowna. Maybe I will drive down next year by myself but certainly will not fly or plan a trip with others.

What else? I have spent almost every day chilling with my wonderful two cats. Grooming them, letting China in and out, in and out, in and out all day LOL. If you have a cat who does this you will understand.

Working out almost every day, as I had put this on a back burner while working on the book.  I am reading all the series of books written by David Baldacci, who I find to be a phenomenal writer.  I ordered one series in the fall and then another series late December.  That’s about all my month has been. Oh yes a few readings but not many, way down from last year and the years before.  Luckily I work hard all summer and save my money for the winter down time. I enjoy this, I truly do. I meditated daily, took my treatments on my Nugabest bed, cooked, wrote, and then as evening fell turned on the fireplace and watched TV or read. Do I get bored? Not at all. I find my life peaceful and wonderful. It is not a life for all, but it is the way I want it. That folks is the secret to peace. Find your own life and what you want for it, not what others want you to do. How to do this? All the answers are inside. If you feel unhappy acknowledge this first. Then pay attention to what makes you feel this way. Then change that. Do not say ‘I cannot’ for if you choose to say this you will never be happy.

Please note I will be clearing out all the ‘archived’ newsletters of 2017. Links are at the bottom of this newsletter. If you need to copy or re-read anything do it this month please as they will be deleted by February 28th 2018.

January 30th: Yup, it’s the end of the month and I am wrapping up the newsletter. I noticed we have a very powerful Full Moon on January 31st the day I send out the newsletter!!  On MST time it was at its peak at 6.27am in Leo. It’s a Lunar eclipse. All visible in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Google it if you like for more information BUT do not forget to do a meditation under it. A very powerful energy coming our way factoring in that Mercury moves into Aquarius at the very same time. You can expect a lot of open minded comments along with opinions and tons of energy behind these opinions. It would not surprise me if we had some more issues in the Eastern countries. But here at home make sure the last day of January and the first three days of February count. Really feel life through yourself.

Next my substantive edit has been done and the book returned to me to do the second edit. A glowing review from the editor that made my heart sing.  I think I am now at the mercy of doing the final edit, and promotions by myself. We have reached a decision now. She will do the promoting and I will finish up the book. If the book sells well she will write the second book after I write it by myself and then she will add the story line. As I tend to live in the 'now' I will focus upon getting this done and seeing what the Universe has planned for me next. I look forward to it.

I think being organized and working with a disorganized person is akin to living with a messy person when you are neat and detailed. The messy person does not care as you clean up all the time but the neat person lives in a state of ‘how can you be like this’.  The same way you feel when you look at people who cannot organize or recall things. You say ‘how can you not remember this’.  I firmly believe that if you re-train your way of doing things you can correct this. I know, because I did it.

Most of my carpets are done, only the two rooms upstairs remain.  I will then start back in the basement in the office and start packing up things I do not use but do not want to throw out. I will put these in the garage in containers. Then throwing out all papers that no longer are needed and any other junk. I will continue this all the way through the house.

Had a facial this month, plus a lovely dinner with my adorable twenty year old granddaughter. That’s it folks. Oh yes, watched a real tear jerker movie A Dogs Purpose. Glad I watched it at home.

Enjoy February and all that it brings. I LOVE winter, not because it’s cold but because I get to rest. Look at life as a joy as I stated above in not so many words but in words that will allow you to find this joy. Positive thoughts to all until next month.

CAT COSTS:  This month, once again, was a very cheap month for me. No one needed vet services and I again thank the Universe for that.

Tinned food came to $78.98. Kitty litter came to $57.46.  Dry food came to $53.54 Raw meat came to $40.15. I then bought some herbs for Venus as her herbs for her second stage kidney disease ran out; cost of this bottle was $31.49. I also ran out of her herbal arthritis liquid. I replenished this at the cost of $34.63 and lastly I bought a liquid that I plan to use for both of them for their fatty acids. Also a herbal concoction at the cost of $26.24 Total cost for the month was $322.49. Another lovely cheap month.

If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with personality to adult stage. Animals feel with unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a companion for life. They also need dental care, checkups and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.

Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from the homes they knew.

 My Coincidence this Month: I really thought back to this month. Looking at it I do not know if the decision I have to make on my ghost writer is the coincidence turning me into an author?  OR I simple had none as I stayed at home for most of the month just setting up shows and cleaning house. Time will tell on this one. Since life is all about time, the choices I make now will be mine and mine alone.


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To a man whose mind is free there is something even more intolerable in the sufferings of animals than in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it is at least admitted that suffering is evil and that the man who causes it is a criminal. But thousands of animals are uselessly butchered every day without a shadow of remorse. If any man were to refer to it, he would be thought ridiculous. And that is the unpardonable crime.- Romain Rolland, Nobe

VcToria’s Comment: From a tee shirt a person was wearing at The Edmonton Fringe 2017: YOU CANNOT LOVE ANIMALS IF YOU WALK AROUND any other way WITH A BELLY FULL OF THEM.

Horses Are Forced to Run Through Fire in Festival in Spain — Let’s Stop This Now!

Despite being one of humans’ most loyal and dedicated companions, horses are still subjected to a shocking degree of abuse and exploitation. Wild horses are targeted and culled by the U.S. government to expand space for cattle ranches, many of these horses are slaughtered for their meat and sold to countries around the world, and working horses in the racing and horse-drawn carriage industries are run to the point of exhaustion and discarded when they can no longer bring in a profit.

There have been some improvements for the welfare of horses, with Barcelona banning the use of horse-drawn carriages last year, but horses in Spain are still at risk of falling under fire, literally. A petition on Care2 explains that in a 500-year old custom during the festival known as Las Luminarias in San Bartolome de Pinares, Spain, on the eve of Saint Anthony’s Day, horses are forced to run through enveloping open flames in the street.

Animal rights activists have long been fighting against this practice, but defenders of it claim it is tradition and the horses are not harmed. However, in a video shared by Global News, amidst the blinding billowing smoke, frightened horses emerge speeding through the haze, and many have lit embers sparking off their bodies as they run away from the burning flames.

Age-old customs are never an excuse to put the lives of innocent animals in danger. The tradition of the festival can still be kept alive with fire without risking the safety of the horses, and the petition’s author suggests that the horses can symbolically run through fake fire to maintain tradition and resolve conflicting viewpoints.

If you agree that this cruel custom should end, please take a moment to sign the petition.

Few people are even aware that this risky practice exists, so please make sure to get the word out and increase support for these horses by sharing this with your network.



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