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NOTE: All times are Mountain Standard Major monthly changes and V/C is below.


March 4th: Mercury moves back into Aquarius at 4.08 am. On March 9th it will start to go direct. March 16th it will move once again into Pisces. By March 30th it will be back at the degree that it stationed at and went retrograde. These dates often create repeats. Watch for this in communication areas. Whether in tech or verbal.

March 4th: Venus moves into Taurus at 8.07 pm. If you are house hunting now would be a good time. [You have till April 3rd when it will move into Gemini]

March 7th: Set your clocks one hour forward before you go to bed. Daylight savings time arrives for those who still live with this annoying shift J

March 9th: Full Moon in Virgo at 11.48 .am I talk about his as it arrives on Face Book.

March 19th: The Sun moves into Aries at 9.50 pm

March 21st: Saturn moves into Aquarius. Now we will see a lot of the predictions I have talked about for futuristic stuff come to light. I can assure you that much more in the robotic areas will be created/announced. Best of all added to new homes being built. It will be in Aquarius for a long time.

March 24th: New Moon in Aries at 3.28 am

March 30th: Mars moves into Aquarius. Tons of stuff about to happen in the tech world. Aquarius energy creates futuristic actions. I will talk a lot about this as the dates arrive.

V/C Times for the Moon NOTE: All times are Mountain Standard

March 1st: V/C 8.52 am to 12.21 pm when the Moon enters Gemini. 

March 3rd: V/C 7.20 pm to 9.25 pm when the Moon enters Cancer. 

March 6th: V/C 12.11 am to 2.27 am when the Moon enters Leo. 

March 9th: V/C 2.12 am to 4.47 am when the Moon enters Virgo.

March 9th: Full Moon in Virgo at 11.48 am.

March 10th: V/C 2.32 am to 4.03 am when the Moon enters Libra. 

March 12th: V/C 2.12 am to 3.25 am when the Moon enters Scorpio 

March 14th: V/C 4.06 am to 5.07 pm when the Moon enters Sagittarius

March 16th: V/C 3.34 am to 10.25 am when the Moon enters Capricorn.

March 18th: V/C 6.48 pm to 7.16 pm  when the Moon enters Aquarius

March 20th: V/C 3.00 am to March 21st 6.33 am when the Moon enter Pisces. GROUP MEDITATION announced on FB

March 23rd: V/C 8.51 am to 6.58 pm when the Moon enters Aries 

March 24th: New Moon in Aries at 3.28 am

March 26th:  V/C 1.16 am to 7.37 am when the Moon enters Taurus 

March 28th: V/C 5.05 pm to 7.38 pm when the Moon enters Gemini. 

March 30th: V/C 9.10 am to March 31st 5.43 am when the Moon enters Cancer.