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NOTE:  All times are Mountain Standard Major monthly changes and V/C is below


May 7th: Full Moon in Scorpio at 4.45 am MST

May 10th: Saturn goes retrograde at 10.09 pm MST till September 27th 2020

May 11th: Mercury moves into Gemini at 3.58 pm

May 12th: Mars moves into Pisces at 10.17 pm 

May 13th: Venus goes retrograde at 12.45 am MST till June 23rd 2020

May 14th: Jupiter goes Retrograde at 8.32 am MST and will remain this way until September 12th 2020. 

May 20th The Sun moves into Gemini at 7.49 am MST

May 22nd: New Moon in Gemini at 11.39 am MST

May 28th Mercury moves into Cancer at 12.09 PM

V/C Times for the Moon NOTE: All times are Mountain Standard

May 1st: V/C 10.04 am to 11.35 pm when the Moon enters Virgo.

May 3rd: V/C 8.25 pm to May 4th at 1.09 am when the Moon enters Libra. 

May 5th: V/C 8.31 pm to May 6th 2.05 am when the Moon enters Scorpio 

May 7th: V/C 8.39 pm to May 8th  at 1.15 am when the Moon enters Sagittarius

May 10th: V/C 12.11 am to 3.39 am when the Moon enters Capricorn.

May 12th: V/C 4.30 am to 9.39 am when the Moon enters Aquarius

May 14th: V/C 8.03 am to 7.24 pm when the Moon enter Pisces. GROUP MEDITATION announced on FB

May 17th: V/C 1.59 am to 7.36 am when the Moon enters Aries 

May 19th: V/C 2.33 pm to 8.10 pm when the Moon enters Taurus 

May 22nd: V/C 2.01 am to 7.36 am when the Moon enters Gemini. 

May 24th: V/C 5.09 am to 5.09 pm when the Moon enters Cancer [NOTE the EXACT 12 hour timing]

May 26th: V/C 7.06 pm to May 27th at 12.33 am when the Moon enters Leo 

May 28th: V/C 7.30 am to May 29th at 5.40 am when the Moon enters Virgo

May 31st V/C 3.17 am to 8.38 am when the Moon enters Libra