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A warm welcome to all my new readers that have subscribed to my Newsletter.

CHAT BEGINS: Finally things slowed down and this month was all about me, myself and I. :)

I sent out last month’s newsletter on time, but had set it up to go out before my Reiki class. The Reiki class went really well. I had four students, and although I had said six was my maximum I am so glad that the Universe just sent four. It was perfect with the space here. So, from now on, four is my maximum. We now have four more Reiki practitioners in this world. I will be doing Level One and Two again in February 2019. You may sign up now if you wish. I will have the dates on the website by Decembers Newsletter. OR you may e-mail now and I will take a deposit and secure your place. Level Three will take place in March for my students who took Level One and Two.

On October 1st my friend Jackie came over to my place for a movie that we both wanted to see. I highly recommend watching this. The End of Meat. No, you will not see animal cruelty just a VERY interesting subject matter that all should be aware of. You can watch this movie in the comfort of your home with On Demand.

The next day I went out with my good friend Janice and took her to Sweet Pea, the new and I think ONLY vegan restaurant in the west end. I was there last month with Jackie and although the food is great, the noise is horrendous. It is advertised as a café and playhouse. The playhouse was still not open at this time and you are subjected to VERY loud young kids and parents who feel the need to talk loudly to be heard over their young children. If you are looking for a quiet spot to catch up with adult friends this is not the place. If you are a young mother or father you will enjoy it as you will be used to noise. :) I do hope that the playhouse area is open by the time Jackie and I review the food for our newsletters. As I have mentioned Jackie, The Golden lady and I will be doing a monthly review of ALL vegan only restaurants in our city and surrounding areas starting January 2019.

On the 3rd of October I had my irrigation system in my garden shut down for another season and that evening a house party.

Now, this story is interesting. At least to me it is. During the Fringe I kept my running shoes on all day. Normally I take off my shoes and relax my feet. After the Fringe my little toe started to hurt. It got worse and worse to the point of super duper annoyance. I do not believe in drugs, medication etc. etc. but I do believe in finding the source of pain. I noticed when I separated the toe the pain subsided. I also noted that there was what appeared to be a corn growing on the inside of the toe and rubbing against the next toe. I had found the source, but NOT the way to rid it. Next, ironically I had an appointment with a foot doctor on October 4th. Why? My friend had her bunion fixed and her foot straightened out. I had gone to see my doctor way back in the spring and asked about this as I have had a crooked big toe since I was a child. No pain at all, but I thought wow I’d like to have a straight big toe. Off I go to see this doctor. After finding out that I would have to have a permanent screw in my foot I declined the foot operation. BUT!! While there I asked about my little toe and he examined it. He said, ‘oh you have a corn, keep the toes separated and within two months it will clear up’. Thank You Doc and I left.

Now, my time frame told me it had been almost two months and nothing had changed. I own one of those things that smooth out the skin on your feet. My thought process went to that and the fact I could smooth down this corn. I got my little smoother machine and separated the toes and turned it on. As it smoothed the skin down, out dropped a SPLINTER. Yes, this pain had been created by a splinter that I had obviously gotten from the garden while working in it. It had caused, what looked and felt like a corn, but was not. My pain went away and the red area cleared up within two weeks. Do you have painful corns on your feet? Make sure they are not splinters that are causing this. :)

Next came Thanksgiving weekend. I once again was doing The Little Night Market that unfortunately was a bust. I assume that it may have been the holiday weekend, but I tell you it was so slow time stood still. It always amazes me the difference in shows as the June show was amazing. However, as most of you know I truly believe the Universe is showing me what shows to give up next year. 

Next came my new roof. The guys from Great Canadian Roofing had come out last month with an estimate, and this month they came and within three days completed my sage green roof. It looks WONDERFUL. The service was GREAT, and if you are looking for a company that always answers the phone, follows up with the work and does not duck your questions this is the company. 

Next, I am taking FULL advantage of being a senior. When I drive at night I realize that I do not see as well as I used to. Some of the benefits of being 65 means that I get $230 off any optical wear, plus the exam. Off I went with my bifocals that had been prescribed to me 20 years ago that now I could not even see a thing in them. Please remember, after I was given these bifocals, that I spent two years just eating RAW food and my eyesight cleared up. I tell this story often to clients. What happened at the optical place? I have 20/25 vision now. I am far sighted and the prescription that was given to me 20 years ago was near sighted. WOW!! I asked about laser. She said that people who get this done have their vision cleared up to about what I see. WOW!! I did get glasses to use when I drive at night, but as of this newsletter I have not gone out, or needed to drive at night. I’ll have an update on this next month. Food is the gift we are given to repair ALL body cells. I now have more proof of this.

Next, October 13th and 14th I did the Edmonton Woman’s Show. We had a great turn out for this, but people are not spending like they used to. The profit is not what is has been in past years and I even worked with no power this time around. Again the Universe is telling me what to give up. Most likely, with a sorry heart, this show will be going too.

Next, I had my eyebrows, that were micro bladed last year, touched up with the same wonderful artist that did them for me. As I said this month was all about me :)

Next, the dishwasher appeared to be leaking, so I called a plumber client of mine and she said that a plumber and an appliance repair person are two different species. OH!! I did not know this. However, she recommended this guy Ryan of Champion Appliance 78-4161434. He was GREAT. I highly recommend him. He showed up right one time. However, the leakage had been caused by too much soap build up. He showed me that by adding a small amount of olive oil and cold water it cleared this issue up. Does your dishwasher sometimes leak beneath it and other times not? Add some olive oil to the base.
Thank You Ryan. He also gave me other advice on my Kitchen Aid dishwasher.

I took myself down to the south side market on October 20th and as well as dropped into The Witchery. I will be applying for this show for December. My neighbors at Little Night Market run this, so hopefully our neat relationship that we had over that weekend will allow me to be approved for this show. I will let you know next month.

Now the biggie! Telus had been advertising this GREAT security system. I happen to know that if you have a security system like this that your insurance goes down. I noticed my insurance had gone up this year upon renewal. Quite a lot too. Apparently all insurance companies did this for home owners. I called my insurance and was told it was universal but while on the call I asked how much would my insurance drop if I had a security system installed. $25 was the answer. BELOW under Coincidence I have chosen to complete this story.

Luke, my adopted cat that in the last two newsletters I have talked about, is STILL missing/stolen. I have a $1000 reward out for him. In Septembers Newsletter I have a photo of him. [There is a link at the bottom of this newsletter for Septembers] I check ACC every day for him plus I have done numerous other things to find him.

While looking on ACC this month I noticed this 18 year old forlorn, sad looking male cat that no one claimed. To make a long story short I got in touch with the rescue that took him and offered to adopt and shelter and look after him till his days are done. He was brought over and HOLY COW I cannot believe that ACC would not have cleaned him up a wee bit. First his toe nails were so long that it was obvious the way he walked that he was in pain. He allowed me to clip all four paws sitting quietly. [Not even my own cats allowed the back paws like he did] Next, he had an undercoating of fecal matter all in burrs that took me two days of cutting them off and pulling them out. He weighed 3.6 kgs. His fur just keeps falling out. His teeth are so old looking its horrible to think how they must feel for him. He had no name, so I call him Peter. He has been here for four days and has an appointment today with my vet for a complete panel of blood etc. I will update this once I get results. However, since he has been here he is gaining weight and has learnt to eat raw meat. He has learnt to drink from a running fountain, although he still drinks from the toilets as well. He is loving and kind. China is not happy about this, but hopefully she will settle down. She does not attack him, but warns him away. Venus is fine with him, but as usual it appears that any male cat is drawn to China and not Venus. I do not know why, as Venus is so calm and chill. Peter shows no signs of wanting to go out and that in itself is great. I cannot believe how people neglect their pets.

The lady who brought him over said that ‘often a senior will pass away and the family will take the pets, but not bother to take care of them’. I tell you, if I passed unexpectedly and my son treated my cats like this I would HAUNT him from the other side forever and not in a good way either. But, looking at his teeth I am also not sure if his actual owner took care of him either. Poor little guy is just so happy to be loved. The only downfall is he drools. Either his jaw was broken or his teeth are too crooked. I will know today what his condition and life expectancy will be.

UPDATE ON HIS VET VISIT: As I mentioned above he was going to the vet. I had planned on a complete physical, but that was not to happen. He is still 3.6kg, so even though I thought he may have gained weight he had not, unless ACC did not weigh him correctly. Second, my vet was very verbal about ‘why the heck would someone surrender or NOT claim an 18 year old cat”. PLUS the fact that I was told by the rescue people that ACC had told them he used to be very fat and now he suddenly became thin, leaves myself and my vet to believe that the ACC knows more about his past medical than they will say. Personally I think that vets should have the authority to request the information known to ACC once the cat is rescued and has a home. That way rescues would also know the cat has seen a vet.

Now onto his medical stuff. His ears, filthy dirty and black inside were very infected. He screamed as the vet put her little hand thing into them to see inside. Then the black stuff was run on some type of thing that came back that he was greatly infected and the ears were in pain. For this Surolan was prescribed. I am now putting this liquid in his ears twice a day for seven days and he will go back next Monday for another check-up. His teeth. He would not allow the vet to go much further than opening his mouth and quickly letting her put a light in there to view them. He does not seem to have any teeth other than the front one’s but his gums are greatly infected. For this she prescribed Clavaseptin 50mg do be given twice a day for ten days. His heart beats at 220 and most likely he has a heart murmur. The blood pressure thingy that they hook to the lower foot to take blood pressure results was NOT to his liking. Here is where he started to fuss and I called a halt to it. Next we held him and fed him to distract him, as a needle was inserted in his back leg with hopes of getting blood. It was not to be, he had enough. He screamed and I also called a halt to this. No wonder cats and dogs HATE going to the vet.

Next week I will try to get blood again, as this will tell me if he can go under and have the rest of his teeth out as my vet thinks he has that permanent infection that reappears after antibiotics are done. The only way to get rid of it is to remove all the teeth. However, I need to have a blood analysis done first, as if he does have stage 4 kidney disease then I will refrain. Here’s hoping next Monday allows for the blood work to be done. Here is a pic of him the moment I got him.

I am also dropping my van to have my winter tires put on as snow will arrive pretty soon I feel. Plus I am travelling twice to Lloydminster this month, once to Fort McMurray and lastly to Grande Prairie. If you live in any of these cities you will get an e-mail in regards to the dates and where I am. Watch your inbox.

So, although for me a quiet month in client areas, I never waste time and as I wrote above it was all about me and the home. What is a quiet month for me? Well first if I have to dig into savings I consider that quiet. I had two quiet shows, three phone reads, one house party and only ten reads at my office.
I got quite a bit done in the garden; pulled all my carrots that grew amazingly well, picked all of my apples and have to say that for two months now I have juiced apple juice every morning and have enough apples in the garage to last another two to three months. Personally I will probably not want to see another apple after this for a long time. I ate all my cucumbers that grew. I pruned my apple tree way down as 5000 apples was a wee bit too much this year. I watched a ton of TV, love that Ancient Aliens now started its new season. Season 13. Well worth the watch of the first run about a robotic world ahead. Love the new show God Friended Me. What else, as I wrap up? Well I promised you a longer chat and this month you have it.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Please note the November is VERY busy for me with four shows and all out of town. If you want a read please book before November 7th or just wait till December, January, February. or March as I have tons and tons of down time then. I am SO looking forward to this winter’s rest.
Breathe in ‘THE NOW’ with knowledge of ‘this moment is what I must take to create my life’. Stop living with past fears or future thoughts of ‘I have to do this’. Create each moment the way you wish to feel and life will supply the rest. :)

CAT COSTS: Dry food came to $9.19. The kind I wanted was not in stock so I bought another kind. Treats came to $8.40. Raw food came to $77.39. Kitty litter came to $40.92 and tinned came to $63.53. I also had Venus with me when I took Peter in. Even though last month she had blood work done, I took her back for a check-up for thyroidism. It was normal. Cost for the re-check was $36.70. The vet cost for Peter and his exam and prescriptions was $198.10. Total monthly cost was $434.23.

If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with personality to adult stage. Animals feel with unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a companion for life. They also need dental care, checkups and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.

Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.
My Coincidence this Month: A continuance of the security story from above. My doorbell rang. It was lady with what I thought was a city jacket. I opened the door to see that it was actually a Telus jacket. She asked politely ‘have you had the optic fiber installed yet’? I said ‘Oh yes, I was first on the street to do this, but do you have any information on your Telus offer of the security system”? “Yes”, she says “I have that too, may I come in.” WOW!! What a deal I got. First I received a $300 Visa gift card for taking the offer of a three year contract at $40 a month. Keep in mind that now my insurance will drop by $25 so technically it will be $15 a month. Telus arrived, and this is what my FREE bundle consisted of. Installation free, system worth $1800 all free. He installed a rear camera on my back porch. This covers my lower door as well as my upper area. He installed a motion detector in the house that alerts their guard if it is armed and someone crosses the area. The guard then alerts me via text and phones me. I can then access my home with my smart phone cameras and see what is wrong. They also connected an indoor camera that can be moved anywhere as long as it is plugged in. The doorbell, once rung, alerts me with a text. I can then open my app and talk to whoever is there. There is a smoke alert connected to all this, plus water and ice freezing. Once I am away and arm the system if records all movement around my house. Why is this a coincidence? Well if you read above, my insurance increased, I looked for ways to lower it and have always wanted a smart system connected to my home. Within days of me speaking to my insurance, the doorbell rang and lo and behold what I need and wanted showed up.

By the way I also upgraded my 5S phone to the tenXR. The latest phone with dynamite photography on the camera. You can delete the entire background with one button and just have the centre show or the person. It is amazing. I will talk more about the phone next month.

OH yes I also got a free note pad as a gift with another 1GB attached to it. What was neat is the fact that the door to door folks offer more than if you call in. So happy. OH YES!! Plus I got this thing that is beside my bed that has two buttons on it. One for police and one for fire. If need be I can push any one of them down for five seconds and they will come. It’s connected directly to the cops and fire. I have it in a place where the cats will not step on it LOL. That would all I need, police and fire trucks rushing to house and me having to tell them the cats called them.  

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To a man whose mind is free there is something even more intolerable in the sufferings of animals than in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it is at least admitted that suffering is evil and that the man who causes it is a criminal. But thousands of animals are uselessly butchered every day without a shadow of remorse. If any man were to refer to it, he would be thought ridiculous. And that is the unpardonable crime.- Romain Rolland, Nobe

VcToria Comments: I did not write this article, Kathy Freston of Life did. However, for those of you who do not listen to my advice simple because I do not have 'doctor' as a title, know I have been plant based for a LONG time. Vegans, and that means plant based, do not get cancer.

Traditional doctors are so focused on the use of targeted therapies that they refuse to even acknowledge the use of therapies like nutrition and are loathe to even want to do proper research in this area

I have been working closely recently with a few extraordinary nutritional researchers, and I find that the information they have compiled is quite eye opening. Interestingly, what these highly esteemed doctors are saying is just beginning to be understood and accepted, perhaps because what they are saying does not conveniently fit in with or support the multi-billion dollar food industries that profit from our "not knowing". One thing is for sure: we are getting sicker and more obese than our health care system can handle, and the conventional methods of dealing with disease often have harmful side effects and are ineffective for some patients.

As it is now, one out of every two of us will get cancer or heart disease and die from it - an ugly and painful death as anyone who has witnessed it can attest. And starting in the year 2000, one out of every three children who are born after that year will develop diabetes--a disease that for most sufferers (those with Type 2 diabetes) is largely preventable with lifestyle changes. This is a rapidly emerging crisis, the seriousness of which I'm not sure we have yet recognized. The good news is, the means to prevent and heal disease seems to be right in front of us; it's in our food. Quite frankly, our food choices can either kill us - which mounting studies say that they are, or they can lift us right out of the disease process and into soaring health.

In the next few months, I will share a series of interviews I've conducted with the preeminent doctors and nutritional researchers in the fields of their respective expertise. And here it is straight out: they are all saying the same thing in different ways and through multiple and varying studies: animal protein seems to greatly contribute to diseases of nearly every type; and a plant-based diet is not only good for our health, but it's also curative of the very serious diseases we face.
On the subject of cancer, I've asked Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Professor Emeritus of Cornell University and author of the groundbreaking The China Study to explain how cancer happens and what we can do to prevent and reverse it. Dr. Campbell's work is regarded by many as the definitive epidemiological examination of the relationship between diet and disease. He has received more than 70 grant years of peer-reviewed research funding, much of which was funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), and he has authored more than 300 research papers. He grew up on a dairy farm believing in the great health value of animal protein in the American diet and set out in his career to investigate how to produce more and better animal protein. Troublesome to his preconceived hypothesis of the goodness of dairy, Dr. Campbell kept running up against results that consistently proved an emerging and comprehensive truth: that animal protein is disastrous to human health.

Through a variety of experimental study designs, epidemiological evidence, along with observation of real life conditions which had rational biological explanation, Dr. Campbell has made a direct and powerful correlation between cancer (and other diseases and illnesses) and animal protein. Following is a conversation I had with him so that I could better understand the association.

KF: What happens in the body when cancer develops? What is the actual process?

TCC: Cancer generally develops over a long period of time, divided into 3 stages, initiation, promotion and progression.
Initiation occurs when chemicals or other agents attack the genes of normal cells to produce genetically modified cells capable of eventually causing cancer. The body generally repairs most such damage but if the cell reproduces itself before it is repaired, its new (daughter) cell retains this genetic damage. This process may occur within minutes and, to some extent, is thought to be occurring most of the time in most of our tissues.
Promotion occurs when the initiated cells continue to replicate themselves and grow into cell masses that eventually will be diagnosed. This is a long growth phase occurring over months or years and is known to be reversible. 
Progression occurs when the growing cancer masses invade neighboring tissues and/or break away from the tissue of origin (metastasis) and travel to distant tissues when they are capable of growing independently at which point they are considered to be malignant.

KF: Why do some people get cancer, and other don't? What percentage is genetic, and what percentage has to do with diet?

TCC: Although the initiated cells are not considered to be reversible, the cells growing through the promotion stage are usually considered to be reversible, a very exciting concept. This is the stage that especially responds to nutritional factors. For example, the nutrients from animal based foods, especially the protein, promote the development of the cancer whereas the nutrients from plant-based foods, especially the antioxidants, reverse the promotion stage. This is a very promising observation because cancer proceeds forward or backward as a function of the balance of promoting and anti-promoting factors found in the diet, thus consuming anti-promoting plant-based foods tend to keep the cancer from going forward, perhaps even reversing the promotion. The difference between individuals is almost entirely related to their diet and lifestyle practices.
Although all cancer and other diseases begin with genes, this is not the reason whether or not the disease actually appears. If people do the right thing during the promotion stage, perhaps even during the progression stage, cancer will not appear and if it does, might even be resolved. Most estimates suggest that not more than 2-3 percent of cancers are due entirely to genes; almost all the rest is due to diet and lifestyle factors. Consuming plant based foods offers the best hope of avoiding cancer, perhaps even reversing cancer once it is diagnosed. Believing that cancer is attributed to genes is a fatalistic idea but believing that cancer can be controlled by nutrition is a far more hopeful idea.

KF: You said that initially something attacks the genes, chemicals or other agents; like what?

TCC: Cancer, like every other biological event--good or bad--begins with genes. In the case of cancer, gene(s) that give rise to cancer either may be present when we are born or, during our lifetimes, normal genes may be converted into cancer genes by certain highly reactive chemicals (i.e., carcinogens).
Consider 'cancer genes' as seeds that grow into tumor masses only if they are 'fed'. The 'feeding' comes from wrongful nutrition. It's like growing a lawn. We plant seeds but they don't grow into grass (or weeds) unless they are provided water, sunlight and nutrients. So it is with cancer. In reality, we are planting seeds all of our lifetime although some may be present at birth, not only for cancer but also for other events as well. But this mostly does not matter unless we 'nourish' their growth.
The chemicals that create these cancer genes are called 'carcinogens'. Most carcinogens of years past have been those that attack normal genes to give cancer genes. These are initiating carcinogens, or initiators. But more recently, carcinogens also may be those that promote cancer growth. They are promoting carcinogens, or promoters.
Our work showed that casein is the most relevant cancer promoter ever discovered.
Aside from chemicals initiating or promoting cancer, other agents such as cosmic rays (energetic particles) from the sun or from the outer reaches of space may impact our genes to cause them to change (i.e., mutate) so that they could give rise to cancer 'seeds'. The most important point to consider is that we cannot do much about preventing initiation but we can do a lot about preventing promotion. The initiating idea is fatalistic and outside of our control but the promotion idea is hopeful because we can change our exposure to promoting agents and reverse the cancer process, thus is within our control. 

KF: What exactly is so bad about animal protein?

TCC: I don't choose the word "exactly" because it suggests something very specific. Rather, casein causes a broad spectrum of adverse effects.
Among other fundamental effects, it makes the body more acidic, alters the mix of hormones and modifies important enzyme activities, each of which can cause a broad array of more specific effects. One of these effects is its ability to promote cancer growth (by operating on key enzyme systems, by increasing hormone growth factors and by modifying the tissue acidity). Another is its ability to increase blood cholesterol (by modifying enzyme activities) and to enhance atherogenesis, which is the early stage of cardiovascular disease.
And finally, although these are casein-specific effects, it should be noted that other animal-based proteins are likely to have the same effect as casein.

KF: Ok, so I am clear that it's wise to avoid casein, which is intrinsic in dairy (milk and cheese), but how is other animal protein, such as chicken, steak, or pork, implicated in the cause and growth of cancer?

TCC: I would first say that casein is not just "intrinsic" but IS THE MAIN PROTEIN OF COW MILK, REPRESENTING ABOUT 87% OF THE MILK PROTEIN.
The biochemical systems which underlie the adverse effects of casein are also common to other animal-based proteins. Also, the amino acid composition of casein, which is the characteristic primarily responsible for its property, is similar to most other animal-based proteins. They all have what we call high 'biological value', in comparison, for example, with plant-based proteins, which is why animal protein promotes cancer growth and plant protein doesn't.

KF: Isn't anything in moderation ok, as long as we don't overdo it?

TCC: I rather like the expression told by my friend, Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD, the Cleveland Clinic surgeon who reversed heart disease and who says, "Moderation kills!" I prefer to go the whole way, not because we have fool-proof evidence showing that 100% is better than, say, 95% for every single person for every single condition but that it is easier to avoid straying off on an excursion that too often becomes a slippery slope back to our old ways. Moreover, going the whole way allows us to adapt to new unrealized tastes and to rid ourselves of some old addictions. And finally, moderation often means very different things for different people. 

KF: Are you saying that if one changes their diet from animal based protein to plant-based protein that the disease process of cancer can be halted and reversed?

TCC: Yes, this is what our experimental research shows. I also have become aware of many anecdotal claims by people who have said that their switch to a plant-based diet stopped even reversed (cured?) their disease. One study on melanoma has been published in the peer-reviewed literature that shows convincing evidence that cancer progression is substantially halted with this diet.

KF: How long does it take to see changes?

TCC: It is not clear because carefully designed research in humans has not been done. However, we demonstrated and published findings showing that experimental progression of disease is at least suspended, even reversed, when tumors are clearly present.

KF: Consider a person who has been eating poorly his whole life; is there still hope that a dietary change can make a big difference? Or is everything already in motion?

TCC: Yes, a variety of evidence shows that cancers and non-cancers alike can be stopped even after consuming a poor diet earlier in life. This effect is equivalent to treatment, a very exciting concept.

KF: This is sounding like it's a cure for cancer; is that the case?

TCC: Yes. The problem in this area of medicine is that traditional doctors are so focused on the use of targeted therapies (chemo, surgery, radiation) that they refuse to even acknowledge the use of therapies like nutrition and are loathe to even want to do proper research in this area. So, in spite of the considerable evidence--theoretical and practical--to support a beneficial nutritional effect, every effort will be made to discredit it. It's a self-serving motive.

KF: What else do you recommend one does to avoid, stop, or reverse cancer?

TCC: A good diet, when coupled with other health promoting activities like exercise, adequate fresh air and sunlight, good water and sleep, will be more beneficial. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
For help on how to lean into a plant based diet, check out my blog post here; and for recipes click here.
For more information about diet and cancer, visit


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House Parties: VcToria offers house parties catered around your choice. She can supply as many psychics as you need for your party. Click Here> House Parties She also offers her services to corporate events. Click Here>Corporate Events. If she is driving through your town you can also arrange a house party at that time. She will stop and do mini psychic reads for your guests. Please call to see when she is traveling and if she is passing your way.

Readings: VcToria offers five packages of readings. You may choose from a variety of Tarot Cards/Numerology/Palmistry/Mind, Body and Soul/Astrology Charts and the latest read The Third Eye. To view her packages please click on this link Prices of Psychic Reads

Clearings: Do you need your home or office cleared of bothersome energies? VcToria offers clearings of all homes and offices in Edmonton. If you wish to have a home or office clearing and she is passing through your town she will stop to accommodate you. VcToria uses her Fathers voice and direction to start the clearings. She then uses her own energy, crystals and smudging to clear and heal your home. You will also have a personal clearing. For more information or to book an appointment please call her. 780-481-7238.You may also purchase the protective/energy clearance CD that VcToria has always used, on the website store.> Remove Negative Energy. Note this is VcToria’s late Fathers original work.

Personal Clearings: VcToria will open up your chakras by activating her Reiki knowledge then ask your guides to be present. She will then smudge and clear you, speaking very clearly about removing energy as she cleanses. You will leave with your chakras balanced and your aura energy vibrating. As a physical body needs a bath or shower so the outer energy needs clearing every so often. Duration of personal cleanse 10-15 minutes. Only available in conjunction with a reading.