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NOTE: October 3rd Pluto finally goes direct. Watch for major happenings that will surface once again. I predict weather events. What planets are still retrograde? Uranus and Neptune. Our major planets have been the energy system that has been moving in and out of our lives lately.

NOTE: All times are Mountain Standard

September 29th: V/C 8.06 pm to September 30th 3.42 am  when the Moon enters Scorpio. 

October 2nd: V/C 3.46 am to 4.44 am when the Moon enters Sagittarius. [Watch your dreams and have a journal beside you] 

October 4th: V/C 1.34 am to 11.43 am when the Moon enters Capricorn.  

October 6th: V/C 5.25 pm to  9.42 pm when the Moon enters Aquarius. 

October 8th: V/C 12.27 pm to October 9th at 10.05 am when the Moon enters Pisces

For all of you who join me on the group meditation once a month under a Pisces Moon I will announce the time that I am doing it on my Fathers Face Book page plus my own The Alternative Universe. Please feel free to also follow me on Face Book. I will be starting to announce Full and New Moons and other interesting talks in October.

If you are meditating alone you have from October 9th at 10.05 am to October 11th at 3.55 am to meditate. For me, the Pisces Moon is the strongest time to meditate.   

October 11th: V/C 3.55 am  to 9.46 pm when the Moon enters Aries. 

FULL MOON in Aries: Anyone doing magic work, positive light work this is the top of the energy time so to speak. Sunday October 13th at 3.08 pm. Prepare and enjoy. Ask and receive. Aries is the energy of 'go get 'em'

October 13th: V/C 3.59 pm  to October 14th 10.24 am when the Moon enters Taurus. 

October 16th: V/C 2.37 am to 8.30 pm when the Moon enters Gemini. 

October 18th: V/C 8.14 pm to October 19th 4.43 am when the Moon enters Cancer. 

October 21st: V/C 6.39 am  to 10.29 am when the Moon enters Leo. 

October 23rd: V/C 3.14 am to 1.30 pm when the Moon enters Virgo.

October 25th: V/C 7.00 am to 2.20 pm when the Moon enters Libra.

October 27th: V/C 2.22 am  to 2.29 pm  when the Moon enters Scorpio [Note the numbers 222 here] 

October 27th: New Moon in Scorpio at 9.38 pm. Time again to set a new project. Under the energy of Scorpio choose something that needs a lot of outward energy to begin. Particularly great if you are opening a business or creating corporate papers. 

October 29th: V/C 11.34 am to 3.58 pm  when the Moon enters Sagittarius

October 31st 8.29 am to 8.38 pm when the Moon enters Capricorn HAPPY HALLOWEEN