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A warm welcome to all my new readers that have subscribed to my Newsletter.

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CHAT BEGINS: In the last two newsletters I mentioned my new cat Luke, who I rescued just as the shows started. I talked about how wonderful he was and how he fitted into the family like he had lived here his whole life. The worst possible thing happened on August 9th after 6pm. He disappeared. I believe he was taken. I am offering a $1000 reward for his safe return. If you know anyone who has recently acquired this beautiful pet please let me know. I will refund all costs to them if they bought him. Here is a pic of him above. Based on the fact that he was taken, he could be anywhere. If you would be so kind as to post it on Facebook in your community posts [I have all the Lost and Found covered] I am also offering another $1000 reward if he is recovered and returned safely to me from the post you made and shared. I have a list of people who are adding to the community posts in their area and you will be added to it as well. I cannot cover all the communities. Even if you are out of the province please share this with Face Book or any other place you may think of. Thank You.

Other than this my shows went well. EXCEPT my biggest regret happened after I finished up BVJ. [Big Valley Jamboree] I had been doing back to back shows and was truly tired. More so, though I did not want to leave my new cat for a full week. I felt he had gone through enough trauma by being trapped, kept at ACC, then here etc. etc. So I took the booth loss, {$903} and e-mailed on the Monday morning when I woke up, asking if I could rest up and come in on Thursday. The answer was ‘no’ and they cancelled my contract and reassigned my booth. Why regret? Because while I was mulling over whether to go or not, I had thought of bringing Luke with me as my hotel took pets. If I had, he would be here today as he disappeared on the Thursday of that week that we would have been in SK.

Next came my last show The Edmonton Fringe and that went very well considering that I was the only psychic there. The economy is down, down, down and I love the fact that some event planners recognise this and act accordingly. They do not overbook for greed, or just to get booths sold. If there had been another psychic at The Fringe my business would have been down by 50% and that would have been terrible. Thank You Erin, who worked the Fringe as the event planner for doing a superb job. May you be there next year. She even came and said goodbye to us one by one as we were packing up PLUS allowed us to bring our vehicles onto the site and back right up to our tents. Easy peezy tear down for all.

This week I have been out looking for Luke, setting up posters and so much more. No sightings that have been sent to me have been him. I am devastated over his loss. I am waiting for a sighting of a cat that two people have said looks like him on 180 street and 62A avenue in the complex’s parking lot. If you do live around there, or frequent the area, please print out his picture and keep it with you.

I made time for my granddaughter Kirsten’s birthday. She turned 21 and as we all know that is a BIG numbered birthday. She so badly wanted a Louis Vitton purse and so I bought her one. We then set up for The Edmonton Fringe. Then we went for facials and I also bought her some of the plant based skin products that I use and talked about a few newsletters ago. Then we went for dinner, she slept over and I drove her to the airport the next morning as she now has moved to British Columbia and lives in Vancouver, the city she loves.

My grandson helped me tear down The Fringe. We then did lunch the next day and lastly I renewed the stickers for my van and my son’s truck that also is in my name.

That is all my news this month. Oh yes, I received the measly cheque for all sales of my book on Amazon. [$179 and change] I have had to do all the sales myself and thank goodness my life is set up to be able to do that. Due to my shows and office appointments the book has done alright. HOWEVER!! Paying $11,000 and being told that your book would be sent to 38,000 book sellers and no promotions or follow ups I think is a bit of a scam.

Next month I will be doing a full chat of what I think of self-publishing. I can tell you now, there will be no second book coming from me and I would never advise buying a package for self-publishing. I really feel I wasted eleven thousand dollars by buying the top package at Tellwell. Just know if you are NOT tech savvy you would not understand how to follow what they need you to do, and if you are tech savvy then you can do it all yourself. More on that next month.

CAT COSTS: Due to the fact that on the 9th of August Luke has not returned home my costs now dropped back a lot. I’d rather have him home than save money. Dry food came to $35.68 Treats came to 12.56. I had dewormed all three early in August and that came to $60. Raw food came to $99.35. Kitty litter came to $47.21 and lastly tinned came to $41.35. No vets were needed. Total monthly cost was $296.15. I find that any time my monthly costs are under $300 to me that is a cheap month.

If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with personality to adult stage. Animals feel with unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a companion for life. They also need dental care, checkups and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.

Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from the homes they knew.

My Coincidence this Month: Again, based upon the shows and the fact that Luke was lost I barely had time for myself, let alone noticing coincidences. Next month though, all will be back to normal time wise so the Newsletter will have more content. I will also announce the new content that will be added next year.


INFORMATION: My book is now available from Amazon and other places. To see the forty year old love letters that are scanned and up on the website, PLUS pictures of me and Donald, the main characters in my memoir, and others, you may go to my Author website that is up and running.

The only way to get an autographed copy of my book is to order it from my website. If you wish to do that then Click Here>Then Now and Forever by VcToria Gray There is also a choice of ONE MP3 file gifted to the order from my website. You may choose either a Guided Meditation or Attracting Money or Removing Negative Energy. These are my later Fathers work and always receive rave reviews.

If you wish to read the first three chapters this link will take you there. >PREVIEW of Chapters Then Now and Forever a Memoir by VcToria Gray

If you choose to buy the book, know that every action in it was true. Every emotion was factual. Every lesson was learntJ Thank you for supporting my work if you choose to buy. Please feel free to comment on my blog on the author’s website. Or a review on Amazon, as some have chosen to do. I have a five star rating so far.


VcToria books her appointments around your schedule. The only time she will not book is first thing in the morning. Appointments are from 1pm to midnight. Her office is located in the West End of Edmonton, AB.

Home Office Appointments: Please look at my website for prices and the package of your choice before you call. Please note I do NOT do the mini reads at home that I do at the shows around town. Or out of town.

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To a man whose mind is free there is something even more intolerable in the sufferings of animals than in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it is at least admitted that suffering is evil and that the man who causes it is a criminal. But thousands of animals are uselessly butchered every day without a shadow of remorse. If any man were to refer to it, he would be thought ridiculous. And that is the unpardonable crime.- Romain Rolland, Nobe


Two new studies prove that consuming a whole-food, plant-based diet is optimal for health and results in fewer missed workdays.

A new two-part study conducted by vegan medical group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) found that employees at Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) improved job performance and personal health after following a plant-based diet. PCRM focused on selecting participants that had type 2 diabetes and a body mass index of 25 or more. During the first 22-week study, employees were given low-fat, plant-based foods such as hummus, vegetables, green salads, and vegan chili at work and were provided support for cooking similar meals at home. PCRM staff found that, after the study period, participants had lost an average of 11 pounds each—with two employees losing 40 pounds each—and missed fewer workdays. The second study—which lasted 18 weeks and included 300 GEICO employees from 10 offices nationwide—was similar to the first but included an emphasis on consuming a diet high in whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fiber, and fruit. Participants in the second study lost an average of 10 pounds each, lowered their cholesterol, stabilized their blood sugar, and reported feeling less anxiety, depression, and fatigue. “If employers are wondering, ‘Will this work here?, the answer is ‘yes,’” PCRM founder Neal Barnard, MD said. “The same dietary approach that reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, as well as boosts overall mood, may produce huge benefits for the employer as well.” Barnard revealed that a longer two-year study was previously conducted with GEICO employees and that many of those participants have maintained a plant-based diet long-term. “When you lose weight, you have a sense of power and accomplishment,” Barnard said. “You can improve your life as well as the health of the company.”

VcToria adds: As a vegan I can attest that at 65 years of age I have a ton of energy and get everything done not only on time but properly. The memory functions, the body does not ache and stress does not add to the day. The body digests without fatigue and life is not a pain. [pun intended]


Phone Readings: VcToria offers phone reads by appointment. She books seven days a week from 1pm till Midnight. VcToria prefers to see her clients in person, but if you do not reside in Edmonton and are not in any of the towns she travels to, please do call for a phone read. Click Here> Phone or Skype Reads

House Parties: VcToria offers house parties catered around your choice. She can supply as many psychics as you need for your party. Click Here> House Parties She also offers her services to corporate events. Click Here>Corporate Events. If she is driving through your town you can also arrange a house party at that time. She will stop and do mini psychic reads for your guests. Please call to see when she is traveling and if she is passing your way.

Readings: VcToria offers five packages of readings. You may choose from a variety of Tarot Cards/Numerology/Palmistry/Mind, Body and Soul/Astrology Charts and the latest read The Third Eye. To view her packages please click on this link Prices of Psychic Reads

Clearings: Do you need your home or office cleared of bothersome energies? VcToria offers clearings of all homes and offices in Edmonton. If you wish to have a home or office clearing and she is passing through your town she will stop to accommodate you. VcToria uses her Fathers voice and direction to start the clearings. She then uses her own energy, crystals and smudging to clear and heal your home. You will also have a personal clearing. For more information or to book an appointment please call her. 780-481-7238.You may also purchase the protective/energy clearance CD that VcToria has always used, on the website store.> Remove Negative Energy. Note this is VcToria’s late Fathers original work.

Personal Clearings: VcToria will open up your chakras by activating her Reiki knowledge then ask your guides to be present. She will then smudge and clear you, speaking very clearly about removing energy as she cleanses. You will leave with your chakras balanced and your aura energy vibrating. As a physical body needs a bath or shower so the outer energy needs clearing every so often. Duration of personal cleanse 10-15 minutes. Only available in conjunction with a reading.


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