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NOTE: On April 25th 2019 Pluto went retrograde and stays that way till October 3rd 2019. On April 30th 2019 Saturn went retrograde until September 18th 2019 when it will go direct again. In my Astrology column in the May 2019 Newsletter I wrote about the effects of a retrograde Saturn. In Aprils Newsletter I wrote about Jupiter being retrograde till August 12th 2019. In June's Newsletter I wrote about a retrograde Pluto. Each month I cover one planet.

August 1st:  V/C 2.48 pm to August 2nd 7.20 am when the Moon enters Virgo

August 3rd: V/C 10.27 pm to August 4th 7.30 am when the Moon enters Libra. 

August 6th: V/C 1.36 am to 9.31 am when the Moon enters Scorpio. 

August 8th: V/C 8.58 am to 2.35 pm when the Moon enters Sagittarius. 

August 10th: V/C 1.50 pm to 10.50 pm when the Moon enters Capricorn.  

August 12th: V/C 4.11 pm to August 13th 9.35 am when the Moon enters Aquarius. 

August 15th: FULL MOON:  By now if you chose a project to start on the last New Moon, July 31st, this is the completion time.

The Full Moon, takes place in Aquarius at 6.29 am. It is at 22.24 degrees. At 30 degrees it changes into the next sign. Based upon the fact that the next sign is Pisces we have a lot of intuitive energy coming our way with this Full Moon. If you embrace the intuitive side of yourself, then expect strange feelings to emerge, PLUS dreams for the next couple of nights to be ‘messages’. If you do not embrace the intuitive side, then please learn to relax under these dates as emotions can be mistaken in many ways. Intuitiveness is an emotion from the super sub-conscious.

August 15th: V/C 7.02 pm to 9.49 pm when the Moon enters Pisces. NOTE: I hold a group meditation under this date and announce the time on my Dads FB page. Google Frater Malak/Geof Gray Cobb on FB to read the time frame each month.

August 17th: V/C 4.34 pm to August 18th 10.33 am when the Moon enters Aries. 

August 20th: V/C 10.06 pm to 10.37 pm when the Moon enters Taurus. Note: Very short time span so do set your alarms to meditate.

August 22nd: V/C 3.32 pm to August 23rd 8.34 am when the Moon enters Gemini. 

August 25th: V/C 0.58 am to 3.05 pm when the Moon enters Cancer. Note: Watch for dreams this night.

August 27th: V/C 2.55 am to 5.53 pm when the Moon enters Leo. 

August 28th: V/C 6.07 pm to August 29th 5.57 pm when the Moon enters Virgo.

August 30th: New Moon in Virgo at 3.37 am. Time again to set a new project. Under the energy of Virgo choose something that needs a lot of detailed attention paid to it. If you hate detail then this is the time to get rid of a project you have been putting off.

August 31st at 2.46 am to 5.08 pm when the Moon enters Libra.