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 MAY 2019 Moon Void of Course Times.

Under these times simply meditate and use the energy to fill the soul with gratitude and give thanks to the Universe. Read my May 2019 Newsletter >

The Alternative Universe May 2019 Newsletter for all the updated information on astrology and what is happening in the planetary system each month. 

All times are MST [Mountain Standard Time]. 

NOTE: On April 25th 2019 Pluto went retrograde and stays that way till October 3rd 2019. On April 30th 2019 Saturn went retrograde until September 18th 2019 when it will go direct again. In my Astrology column this month I wrote about the effects of a retrograde Saturn. In Aprils Newsletter I wrote about Jupiter being retrograde right now till August 12th 2019.

April 30th V/C 3.27 pm to May 1st 4.24 am  when the Moon enters Aries. 

May 3rd  V/C 2.47 am to 2.18 pm  when the Moon enters Taurus. 

May 4th New Moon in Taurus at 4.46 pm Set your intentions for a project to begin and end by the Full Moon. Please use the grounded energy of the New Moon and the Sun. Both are in the sign of Taurus. This is a great time to set an intention for your garden or home to be completed by the Full Moon.

May 5th V/C 9.10 am to 9.40 pm when the Moon enters Gemini. 

May 7th  V/C 5.50 pm May 8th  3.06 am when the Moon enters Cancer.

May 9th V/C 8.06 pm to May 10th 7.14 am when the Moon enters Leo.

May 12th V/C 6.25 am to 10.22 am when the Moon enters Virgo. 

May 14th V/C 11.19 am to 12.51 pm when the Moon enters Libra.

May 16th V/C 3.37 am to 3.26 pm when the Moon enters Scorpio.

May 18th V/C 3.11 pm to 7.21 pm when the Moon enters Sagittarius. 

PAY ATTENTION: On May 18th there is a BLUE FULL MOON this month.  In the sign of Scorpio and it peaks at 3.11 pm . Right as the Moon goes Void of Course. This is the time you should have completed the project of choice that I mentioned above. Plus if the weather is warm do meditate outside under the influence. 

What is a Blue Moon: Seasons last 3 months. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each month typically has one Full Moon. Either a Blue Moon is as it is referred to, is a second full Moon in the same month OR as this one is on May 18th, the third of four full Moons of the Spring season. 

May 20th V/C 11.05 am to May 21st 1.56 am when the Moon enters Capricorn.

May 22nd V/C 9.57 pm to May 23rd 11.49 am when the Moon enters Aquarius . 

May 25th V/C 6.51 am to May 26th 12.08 am when the Moon enters Pisces.

May 27th V/C 10.21 pm to May 28th 12.32 pm  when the Moon enters Aries.

May 30th V/C 9.08 am to 10.43 pm  when the Moon enters Taurus.