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NOTE: On April 25th 2019 Pluto went retrograde and stays that way till October 3rd 2019. On April 30th 2019 Saturn went retrograde until September 18th 2019 when it will go direct again. In my Astrology column in the May 2019 Newsletter I wrote about the effects of a retrograde Saturn. In Aprils Newsletter I wrote about Jupiter being retrograde till August 12th 2019. In June's Newsletter I wrote about a retrograde Pluto. Each month I cover one planet.

NOTE: Jupiter went direct on August 12th 2019 FINALLY!! Look at your birth chart and see what house Jupiter sits in. Then look at your house that contains the sign of Sagittarius. This will be the area that you will feel the most expansion in.

August 31st: V/C 2.46 am to 5.08 pm when the Moon enters Libra.

September 2nd: V/C 2.33 am to 5.35 pm  when the Moon enters Scorpio. 

September 4th: V/C 4.58 am to 9.08 pm when the Moon enters Sagittarius. 

September 6th: V/C 10.03 am to September 7th 4.37 am when the Moon enters Capricorn.  

September 9th: V/C 2.30am to  3.24pm when the Moon enters Aquarius. 

September 10th: V/C 11.22 pm to September 12th at 3.52 am when the Moon enters Pisces

September 13th: HARVEST FULL MOON:  For all of you who join me on the group meditation once a month under a Pisces Moon this will be the most powerful one. This Full Moon is in Pisces. Time 10.33 pm MST. Please try to do the meditation and any POSITIVE magic work at this EXACT time. I will be doing my work PLUS meditation. Note the dreams tonight, as they may contain the answers to your questions or meditation.

VIP: If you cannot join me at that exact time know you have till the next day to meditate under the Pisces Moon.

September 13th: V/C 10.33 pm to September 14th 4.32 pm when the Moon enters Aries. 

September 16th: V/C 10.02 am to September 17th 4.31 am when the Moon enters Taurus. 

September 19th: V/C 7.57 am to 2.58 pm when the Moon enters Gemini. 

September 21st: V/C 8.41 pm to 10.50 pm when the Moon enters Cancer. 

September 23rd: V/C 4.05 pm to September 24th 3.19 am when the Moon enters Leo. 

September 25th: V/C 10.14 am to September 26th 4.37 am when the Moon enters Virgo.

September 27th: V/C 9.58 pm to September 28th 4.03 am when the Moon enters Libra.

September 28th: New Moon in Libra at 12.26 pm. Time again to set a new project. Under the energy of Libra choose something that needs to be signed under a law. OR use this ‘balance’ as Libra energy is referred to, in any area of your life that needs to balance.

September 29th: V/C 8.06 pm to September 30th 3.42 am when the Moon enters Scorpio.